5 Best Portable Chargers Power Banks for iPhones 2021

While many of us are well known for the fact that iPhones are way more thirsty for battery juice than ever before and thus we need to keep an extra portable power source for emergencies. Here we are with the list of the top 5 best portable chargers and power banks for iPhones in 2021.

The concept of Portable chargers was very amazing Initially but there were many factors affecting the practical use but over time ultimately we are seeing great improvements. Those of you who want to know the basics about portable chargers and how they work might love this blog.

We keep on updating the list of our Top Portable chargers list in regular intervals and thus you get the list of latest models to buy from. The following power banks are all compatible with all the Apple devices like iWatches, iPhones up to the latest iPhone 12, and iPads too.

What are the best portable chargers for iPhones?

Romoss 20000 mAh iPhone Power Bank with LED Display

romoss 20000 mah power bank led display The perfect fit for all the needs of any iPhone user. This portable charger is very lightweight and has a high capacity of 20000 mAh. The Romoss is a well-known brand in the portable chargers section in the world thus has a huge technological advantage too.
Quick charge tech used which enables it to provide high-quality and fast charging support for iPhones and iPads. 20000 mAH is huge juice to keep your iPhones up for days. Also, it has 2 output ports thus you can charge 2 devices at a time and Charges iPhone 7 six times to get an idea.


  • Best in class
  • The huge capacity of 20000
  • Smart tech used for auto-off
  • lightweight
  • Well known brand


  • Practically no cons
  • price range is higher as quality
  • Only 2 output ports

Blitzwolf Wireless Type C iPhone Power Bank PD 18W 10000 mAh

blitzwolf 10000 type C wireless portable charger

The well-known brand in power banks has come up with this mid-range capacity portable charger after a big competition in portable chargers. The power bank has a wireless QC charging pad on which you can charge all wireless charging supported devices like iPhone, iPods, Watch, and others.  This portable charger has 3 output ports of which 1 is type C USB so you can charge 3 devices at a time which is kind of easy while you are traveling.
The battery capacity is huge to get an idea it can charge the iPhone X almost 5 times and the iPad mini 4 two times. This lightweight power bank you can carry in your backpack. The Li-polymer battery lasts quite well and you can rely on this charger for days.


  • Wireless Charging Pad
  • PD 18W
  • Capacity is good
  • Sporty Looks
  • Supports type C USB
  • 3 output ports + Wireless Charger Pad


  • Hard to find any

Romoss Smart Card Portable Charger for iPhones


Really portable and small size but good capacity power bank for daily use. Another 10k capacity portable charger on our list. Though the Romoss is not a very big brand they are coming up with promising power banks in the last 2 years. We have seen their 5k to 15k mAh capacity portable chargers and all of them were great. This particular charger has Quick charge support which means it can charge your iPhone really fast. Also, it supports Quick Charge 2.0 and Quick Charge 3.0 thus covers all the devices.
The 10000 mAh Li-polymer battery has enough juice to keep the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s charged up to 5 times.


  • Low price
  • Quick Charge support
  • Very easy to carry


  • Slim enough that you might forget it where you placed!

BlitzWolf Wireless 10000mAh  PD 18W 37Wh Power Bank

wireless portable charger 10000 PD 18w

This might sound so much technical but the power bank gives a great combination of 37Wh power with PD18W which supports all major brands and devices with efficient charging. The power bank also has a wireless charging pad with a cloth cover which gives it a premium look. The power bank has 3 output ports of which 2 are regulor USB and 1 is type C port. Size is pretty compact that you can fit in your purse very ewasily!


  • Lightweight
  • Small Compact size
  • Low price


  • Practically Power bank offers so much and price is so low that we can not complain

Car Jump Starter Power Bank compatible with iPhones

22000mAh-Car-Jump-Starter-Power-pack-Portable-Car-Battery-Booster-Charger-12V-Starting-Device-Petrol.jpg_640x640-510x510 The last in our list is multiple-use Jump Starter & Portable charger for Smartphones. All in one power bank offers a great deal with jump-starting cables, USB cable, case, and battery charger. You might have seen when the car battery drains how hectic it becomes to start and charge the car battery but this small power bank is powerful enough to get your car starter going and also doubles in power bank for your phones.

With 22000 mAh of capacity it offers 2000 A of peak current and has smart circuits to acknowledge the requirements. In this jump starts one full charge you can start your car almost 25 times. If this is not enough then it also supports two wheeler, four wheeler, mini van, sedan or SUV for jump starting. Also offer EC5 output with 2 USB out put ports.


  • Reliable Jump Starter.
  • Beautiful modern design.
  • LED indicator, Jumping Cables, EC5,
  • Works under zero degree temperature too!
  • Multiple Outputs


  • May feel a bit heavy
  • Long charging time.


Whether you like traveling in the woods or you are spending your time in city the quality portable charger is must to keep all your devices powered up. Above mentioned power banks support all the apple devices like iPhone, iwatch, ipads. Your run for finding the wall charger socket will end with the gadget.

Please let us know if you are looking for any specific portable charger and want to know more about it we will try to update it here.